Nothing Like a Rolls- Not Even a Bentley
I look comm ‘that a’ no girl But I am a ‘person’ very well... This is a tramp; Which is pretty boy. He sings the songs. La la la la …


Sadie by Rou

√ mullet

I love my family but when we all get together I can’t help but feel like Winona Ryder in Girl Interrupted and I want to disappear


“Kissing Doesn’t Kill" (Black and white postcard) from 1980’s ACT UP campaign for HIV/AIDS awareness.

Growing up with this poster in the house was an influence from the start
pretty stoked for this weekends video shoot with Mikel
"For Lovers & Fighters" an essay on Polyamory by Dean Spade - SameSame Forums

Relationships Are Work

A beginners’ guide to being a good partner.
Words by Emily, illustrations by Ana.

Scottish artists call to boycott Israeli dance group performance at Edinburgh