Nothing Like a Rolls- Not Even a Bentley
I look comm ‘that a’ no girl But I am a ‘person’ very well... This is a tramp; Which is pretty boy. He sings the songs. La la la la …


Bro Support

must get stronger !
Bertolina Montréal 2007

the birth of a new project!



my hand

i used to always hide my hands from people because i bit my nails from the age of four and they were always swollen and bloody and made people wince. As much as fake nails are rather a bratty indulgence it is the only thing that has managed to stop this gross destructive habit. Now my hands are one of the things I am most confident in and I get so many positive reactions from people the opposite of their reactions to my bloody stumps. 
FKA twigs – tw-ache

Ulrike Ottinger

storyboarding inspiration for this summers dance film