Nothing Like a Rolls- Not Even a Bentley
I look comm ‘that a’ no girl But I am a ‘person’ very well... This is a tramp; Which is pretty boy. He sings the songs. La la la la …

pretty stoked for this weekends video shoot with Mikel
d0llfacecunt666: "For sure not scabies, I have had it before and know the signs, that sucks you have em though. Aside from the chemical treatment i found using tons of coconut oil mixed with clove oil and hot hot baths with sea salt helped get rid of it and helped my skin through the treatment."

oh sweet, thanks. ya, i got them from joão months ago and thought they were bedbugs the whole time, treated my place etc. etc. and was still getting bitten. I’ve had them before too with Kristen, but it never got to the point where I was THIS ITCHY. Bathtime, here I come!

"For Lovers & Fighters" an essay on Polyamory by Dean Spade - SameSame Forums

Relationships Are Work

A beginners’ guide to being a good partner.
Words by Emily, illustrations by Ana.

Scottish artists call to boycott Israeli dance group performance at Edinburgh

under the influence
Sophie <3
silence and the dancer